La creación del tiempo

What was the first; the egg or the chicken? the measurement of time as an existential factor, allows us to perceive life in a limiting, linear and spatial way. We leave the world of the perception of things for things themselves and create a separate reality, alienated from our deepest animal being. That self-imposed reality…

Quarantine 1

How long do we have to live like this? Confinement causes pressures and perceptions that we didn’t know before. How vulnerable are we to the fragile states of our minds? How dependent are we on others to survive? How are our relationships transformed? What are we? Who are we? The psyche, the waiting, the uncertainty…

Capitalism. Marriage

  Love is something transformable and fleeting in human´s psyche. We can observe in many cultures that love in a way of a marriage has different meanings,  In one hand the procreation and in the other hand the preservation of families wealth an of course In a moral point of view the privatization of sex….

Capitalism. Mass Media

Mass Media Video 2018 2’13” How often do we watch the news, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, do social media on the internet? Are we able to recognize how we are bombarded by what they want to tell us ? With all this information , we create a reality of the world. We…

Sex as consumption

Jacqueline Delaye: LADY KUNST Jacqueline Delaye shows us in this work, a very simple act like eating a sausage. But what does the viewer really see? The background music emphasizes capitalist life and its results. Video Sex as consumption 2’55” 2017  

Capitalism. Ignorance

IGNORANCE by  mexican artist lady Kunst. A serie of 100 videos about the concequences of capitalism. Beyond of knowing the true of things, we find our selves in a permanent state of drowsiness. Humanity breath like a wild animal in a delirious state then it got shoot directly in the heart. Education is transformed. Education…

Daily Work

From the series of capitalism. Limited to 10 original prints signed by Lady Kunst. A Lady Kunst unique Art series of 10 videos and photos analyzing, criticizing and projecting the consequences of capitalism. Photo of the video series Capitalism/ Shooting Ironically present, this photo shows us how the daily cleaning work can be a gun,…

Der Duft der Demokratie

How much do things cost? How much does freedom cost? Who puts a price on the skin color and on the human condition? Why do we pay so much money for luxury objects while values such as democracy, equity are neglected and even rejected. The time in which we lived reflects the contrasts of the…

Kunst stinkt

“Ist das Müll oder kann das weg”? Is that art or can I throw it away? A phrase that criticizes the sense of contemporary art today. This work represents much of the contemporary work of our day. The relationship between art and garbage is getting closer. Kunst Stink (Art stinks) Packages, polymethylenpolyphenylisocyanat, refuse bin 2017

Ich bin nicht tot

Ich bin nicht tot, Je ne suis pas morte, I am not dead, No estoy muerta. Who are the 43? They are 43 students that disappeared in Mexico the 26th Sept. 2014 in Ayotzinapa. The video constantly repeats the phrase “I am not dead” in different languages. This alludes to a call to human conscience…


HOPE Video 3’13” We are always waiting. We wait to be grown up, we wait to finish, we wait to earn enough, we wait to be loved, and in all this waiting there is always HOPE. In the underground station of Kurfürstedamm in Berlin, something is happening as the cold weather, the  eternal waiting and…


Invitation to the Art Festival Blue-Valentine, Paris  Video „Sequence“ 2006     


2007 Vértigo Mexican Magazine 25 / Marzo/ 2007 Publication of the Work in Paris with Master Luciano Spano. Invitation to exhibit in the House of Culture of Mexico in Paris. Video “Le Ponts”  


2016 – Art-book Catalogue first edition of Lady Kunst

The smell of Proletariat

The bourgeoisie, in truth, is bound to fear the stupidity of the masses so long as they remain conservative, and the insight of the masses as soon as they become revolutionary Karl Marx his work is the result of more than ten people who took part in the creation of their own perfume. The gloves…

260914 Los 43

260914 Los 43 Mix technique on Canvas 100cm x 135cm / 2016 in 26.09.2014 a lot of mothers lost their children. Children who just were students. Students? They were killed, they were burned in Mexico. This collage made with earth, menstruation blood, cement and poppy seeds remember us  like the stem cell of a woman,…


Photo taken after a walk at the contemporary art fair in Berlin ABC. Disappointed from the art presented and still inspired by this meeting. ABC Digital print on paper 70x100cm 2016

We are grate again

In the early 1960s it seemed to many that the elimination of racism in the U.S. was proceeding without requiring a radical restructuring of the entire society. There was a growing civil rights movement.  This work was created just when Mr. Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States of America. It point it…

La verdad

The silence is the most heard in the investigation into the Ayotzinapa case in Mexico, where  in 24.09.2014, 43 students disappeared. What do the mothers of that children want to tell us?… and the government?… what does the Mafia want us to understand?… are the students alive? This video represents the voice of all of…


According to official data, in  Mexico in 2018 the rate was 77 pregnant teenagers per 1,000 young people aged 15 to 19, and the age of onset of sexual relations, in 23 percent of this segment, was between 12 and 17 years. According to official figures in Mexico, 366,000 births occur each year among women…

Luxus & Publicity

“Se puede decir con toda certeza que para la década de los sesenta, e inclusive en la actualidad es común ver que las personas se identifiquen con los actores, músicos, modelos o cantantes pertenecientes a la industria cultural” La publicidad como espejo de la sociedad UTADEO  

Nature. Rain.

From the series of Nature. This work represents memory in the present moment. How every moment  is when you are alone. Nature brings us back to the time of “here and now” when it is shows it self. In this case Jacqueline Delaye shows us how ethereal time is; Present and ephemeral like rain. Rain…

Capitalism. Racism

In the early 1960s it seemed to many that the elimination of racism in the U.S. was proceeding without requiring a radical restructuring of the entire society. There was a growing civil rights movement. This work was created just when Mr. Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States of America. It point it…

La muerte gegen Batman

This work represents the problem between two neighboring cultures. In Mexico, the image of Death is venerated, thus being a mental influence for the state of conscience of Mexican culture, while in the United States we have images representing a state of consciousness like Batman’s La muerte gegen Batman Acrylic on canvas 70x70cm Berlin, 2017

Der Duft der Demokratie

Get it for just 499€ ! Yes I want my perfume!… “Das riecht nicht gut” Eine Ausstellung von 24 verschiedenen Düften, die uns erinnert, wie alle existenzielle Werte, eine eigenen Geruch haben. Wonach riecht die Politik? die Liebe, das Leben? Lady Kunst, stellt diese Konzepte dar, durch verschiedene Videoclips und Installationen.