Transforming reality through smell

Lady Kunst created a perfume collection called Women in a Bottle  and Men in a Bottle. She looked for something that could get faster in the house of every person and could have a positive impact, reducing aggression in the world. With her artistic background she came to the world of fragrances very easy. She knew that fragrances have a lot of power when influencing others. She is little by little planting the seed of change in others perceptions through fragrances.
QWhy Women  and Men in a bottle?
Jacqueline D – We all know that we came to do something special and we want to give it to others. So perfume is like the fragrances we have inside and need to be released out of a bottle.
Q- You gave every fragrance an adjective like „Macht“ or „Life“, „Impulsive“ why?
Jacqueline D: I think every human is reacting subconscious to the name of the fragrance. We all need a little more of something or we feel like changing something. I think the name of the fragrance not only represents its smell but it also helps people´s subconscious to invoke  this attitude or adjective each time they use the perfume. So for me it is like helping twice. Once to reduce aggressions and two to invoke the attitude they want to feel the most.

Q- Wich kind of fragrances do you have?
Jacqueline D: until now 24 all kind of fragrances families.
Q- The way you make your publicity is very provocative and different from the typical fragrance´s way of making publicity.
Jacqueline D:  Yes, I think publicity must be there to help us and not to make us feel worst or less important , or to sell us the heaven like religion used to do. I really believe on this premise and that´s way I communicate that with our photos.
Q- Why are you always in the photos, don´t you thing that it is a bit egocentric?
Jacqueline D: Oh no! not at all! I stay for what I sell. I show my face and I say :  I have created this enterprise and I do not have anything to hide. for me this is a way of showing that I believe in what I do. I am also opened to other people who would like to contribute with their ideas if they believe in what we do.
Q-Why Berlin?
Jacqueline D: Berlin is the breeding ground of changing paradigms.