Publicity is dead

Publicity changes perception. Simple questions like : What is luxury? could open new ways of understaning our consumption. Publicity has a way to tell us what to buy in order to leverage ourselves. Is it the product it self  or the reason why we buy this product,  what we want ? this means, what is behind the product. In this video, Lady Kunst represents a cold woman dressing a wolf coat as a symbol of money  and decandece and luxury searching for an answer in her “lost rich world” of course apparently she is looking for a perfume wich at the same time the perfume represents a “luxury good”. Lady Kunst goal it´s to make a symbiosis between consumption and a real sense, consciousness about the things that we consume and The Reason why we consume.

Video for Passow Delaye Berlin by Lady Kunst. 2015





Publicity is Dead Foto on Canvas 80 x 60 Lady Kunst 2015