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ABOUT  Lady Kunst

Lady Kunst’s work is a mixture of apathy, courage and desperation. For Lady Kunst, life is a theater in which we are all protagonists. Lady Kunst’s work focuses on political and commercial aspects, making a severe criticism of the current values of society, especially luxury consumption and advertising.

She Worked together In different cultural projects with artist like: 
Jonathan Meese, Daniel Richter, Angela Richter, Ralf Metzenmacher, Ted Gaier. She also made videos about  Ralf Metzenmacher, the former Director Footwear Europe & Accessories International by PUMA.
Lady Kunst has also a Master in Art and Culture Management in Paris, France where she played a key role in the organization and coordination of various art expositions.  Having also worked as a video artist with the Painter Luciano Spanó and exhibit her work in the House of Cultures of Mexico in Paris, Lady Kunst has over the years developed into a multidisciplinary professional art.
Now living and working Berlin, Germany where she held captive an audience of alternative, intellectual, open-mind, art-sponsors, and culture lovers. Lady Kunst lives by the words “Say it”!

Everyone has his or her life story, but never the same. This is true for Lady Kunst, whose live experiences have continuously demonstrated the intersection of her target audience’s wants and needs. Namely, she organized expositions; and besides, she works fast via the internet so her customers will always have new stuffs in their hands.


Birth:   17.February.1978 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican-French


-Drawing and Painting in CEAC Barcelona.

-Management and Production of art and culture IESA Paris. Certificate 2006-2007

-Organisation and design of museums and galleries, UAB, Barcelona. Certificate 2003

-Study of art history and evaluation of art work, Casa Lamm, Mexico city. Certificate 2001-2002

-Television, Cinema, Video, IDEP Barcelona. Certificate  2000-2001

President  “Delaye Art et Science“  Paris, 2008
Creation of the Art and Cultural Association  „Delaye Art et Science“ with the objective principally to promote art and culture relations between Berlin and Paris.

Coordination Chef in the governmental institution “INFONAVIT“ Mexico city, 2006  Coordination of a production of 30 videos for the Communication department.

She worked together In different cultural projects with artist like:
Jonathan Meese, Daniel Richter, Angela Richter, Ralf Metzenmacher, Ted Gaier.

Organization, Gallerie “La Chappe“ Paris 2007
Of the exhibition  for the artist Gildo Medina

Logistic, Blue-Valentine, Paris 2008
Logistic for the art festival „Blue-Valentine“ for the Compagnie Broceliand


Video „Les Ponts“ Maison du Mexique, Paris 2007
Video „ Sequence“ Festival Blue.valentine, Paris 2007

http://www.ralfmetzenmacher.com http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralf_Metzenmacher

http://www.infonavit.org.mx   lmartin@infonavit.org.mx
Vértigo mexican magazine  25 / Marzo/ 2007
preproduction, production and postproduction of next videos:

Her house video production at : http://www.cameleon-productions.com

– Video “Les ponts” about the artist  Luciano Spanó, Paris

– Video „Sequence“ for the art festival Blue-Valentine, Paris.

-Video about the artist Ralf Metzenmacher ex boss-Design of the Company PUMA, Bamberg, Germany.

– Video about the premiere of the play Magic Afternoon of Wolfgang Bauer: Jonathan Meese. Angela Richter, Daniel Richter In the Kampenagel theater. Hamburg, Germany.

-Video of the play “Eloisa Está debajo un alemendro” from Enrique Gardiel Poncera in the ETA Hoffmann theater. Bamberg, Germany.

– Documentary film about the theater project Magic Afternoon in the Kampenagel theater with artists such as Daniel Richter, Jonathan Messe.  Hamburg, Germany.

– Artistic video” Where you” in Bamberg, Germany.

-Reportage about the theater project “Los Figurantes” in the University of Bamberg in the ETA Hoffmann theater. Germany.

-Documentary film about a handicaps factory “Es gibt nur eine Welt”  Kulmbach, Germany.

– Video project for the enterprise Intermanayament  Barcelona, Spain.

– Art video reportage for the Film festival Docupolis in Barcelona, Spain.

– Video interview for an Internet site for the company Imberbal  Mexico City

Check out her website at http://ladykunst.wlopy.com/https://ladykunst.com, or contact her at by telephone at (+49 (0) 176-626-69300) or Email at theladykuns@gmail.com. You can also check her out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladykunst and Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ladykunst/