Das apokalyptische Lamm

Society Pencil and Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 60 cm 2016  «Und ich sah mitten zwischen dem Thron mit den vier Wesen und den Ältesten ein Lamm stehen wie geschlachtet … Und es kam und nahm das Buch aus der Rechten dessen, der auf dem Throne sass.» Offenbarung 5, 6


El Mexicano History shows us a Mexico of struggle for its rights (Zapata) and a Country victim of itself. His own racism, his corruption, „The exploitation of the human by the human being.“ Nazism is not so far away in time or place. In this painting, Lady Kunst shows us the half harlequin half Zapata…

260914 Los 43

260914 Los 43 Collage mix technique on Canvas 100cm x 135cm / 2016 in 26.09.2014 a lot of mothers lost their children. Children who just were students. Students? They were killed, burned  in Mexico. This collage made with earth, blood, cement, remember us  like the stem cell of a woman ,  the fruits of life…

Frauen Putzen

Frauen Putzen Foto on canvas, mix technique. 100 cm x 75 cm 2016 life is relative It gives you something and it takes SOMETHING back. Freedom can become a QUESTION of PERCEPTION

Grüne Wiese

The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation than its wealth.   GRÜNE WIESE ACRYLIC ON CANVAS. 30 x 30 cm 2016

Holocaust 2000

Holocaust 2000: The world supposed to change radically in the year 2000.  A lot of predictions were aiming to the end of the world for the year 2000. Cristh is crying beacuse humanitiy did not understand, that they have to change. The city is in chaos, the angels escape of humansbodies. The citiy is flooding….

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel: The children´s stories that we all have a guardian angel were for LadyKunst scary. She thought someone is watching you all the time and she didn´t know if they were good or bad.  Are this stories really helping childrens ? Guardian Angel Oil on Canvas 90 x 60 cm