The Bigbang

The Bigbang Theorie The woman, the egg, the origin of the existence. Photography. 2016            

Frauen Putzen

Frauen Putzen Foto on canvas, mix technique. 100 cm x 75 cm 2016 life is relative It gives you something and it takes SOMETHING back. Freedom can become a QUESTION of PERCEPTION

Princess or females?

Princess or females? What is the difference between a princess and a female through the view of a child? That princess have long hair and look always beautiful. In this photo, Lady Kunst take the natural creative impulse of this little girls to play the princess. She took into stage some Barbies and dolls. What…

My personality your idea

A Short film about how Hollywood create a world for us and how it is making a couple of people multimillionaire. Why do we keep consuming this kind of entertainment? How are the so called “Stars” perceived by us and how are they presenting them to us? like GODS?….may be their personality is just an…