Quarantine 1

How long do we have to live like this? Confinement causes pressures and perceptions that we didn’t know before. How vulnerable are we to the fragile states of our minds? How dependent are we on others to survive? How are our relationships transformed? What are we? Who are we? The psyche, the waiting, the uncertainty…

Sex as consumption

Jacqueline Delaye: LADY KUNST Jacqueline Delaye shows us in this work, a very simple act like eating a sausage. But what does the viewer really see? The background music emphasizes capitalist life and its results. Video Sex as consumption 2’55” 2017  

Luxus & Publicity

“Se puede decir con toda certeza que para la década de los sesenta, e inclusive en la actualidad es común ver que las personas se identifiquen con los actores, músicos, modelos o cantantes pertenecientes a la industria cultural” La publicidad como espejo de la sociedad UTADEO