Photo taken after a walk at the contemporary art fair in Berlin ABC. Disappointed from the art presented and still inspired by this meeting. ABC Digital print on paper 70x100cm 2016

Luxus & Publicity

“Se puede decir con toda certeza que para la década de los sesenta, e inclusive en la actualidad es común ver que las personas se identifiquen con los actores, músicos, modelos o cantantes pertenecientes a la industria cultural” La publicidad como espejo de la sociedad UTADEO  


Kaufkraft 120cm x 50cm Products packaging  on fiberboard /  2015 Our lives depend on our purchasing power. What I buy is what I am.  At the same time, we are nobody without products. We depend on products and products depend on us.  Like the bacteria in our bodies, we make a symbiosis. Wich kind of…

Publicity is dead

Publicity changes perception. Simple questions like : What is luxury? could open new ways of understaning our consumption. Publicity has a way to tell us what to buy in order to leverage ourselves. Is it the product it self  or the reason why we buy this product,  what we want ? this means, what is…